Take a Look at Our Super Cute Summer Apparel Range

With summer finally here, it’s time to dress your little one in comfortable clothing that they’ll enjoy and look absolutely great in. Summer’s a great time to work with cotton and other light materials.

Here’s a list of some cute summer apparels that you could enjoy dressing up your baby in during this season -

  1. Floral Shorts:

For those warm summer days and scorching heat, you want your baby to be comfortable and in easy-breezy-lightweight clothing. Adding a super cute touch to your baby girl's wardrobe, we’re introducing the lovely Blue Schiffli Floral Shorts. Designed with detailed embroidery and lightweight fabric, they’re perfect to allow your baby to be free to run around!

What’s great?

  • Cute Summer Design: Keep those legs cool and free for all fun activities

  • Soft & Breathable Fabric: Keep your baby cool all summer

  • Made in India: Clothing proudly designed and manufactured in India

  • Detailed Embroidery: The detailed schiffli embroidery adds an exquisite element

  1. Cool Blue Top:

Blue is one of the predominant summer colours that stand out from the rest. With this in mind, Kicks & Crawl presents - The Cool Blue Top. It features front buttons and frills on the neck and arm for added summer style. This seasonal top will also be your baby girl's pick, thanks to the classic look and soft materials. Do not forget to get the best towels for babies.


  • Summer style:Keep your child cool all summer long with this new style, which is part of the new collection.

  • Soft & Breathable Fabric: Made from a soft and breathable fabric to keep your baby cool in the summer.

  • Made in India: Clothing produced and manufactured in India.

  1. Summer Seas TShirt:

When your baby is the coolest baby running about town, the summer heat doesn't matter! Get your hands on the latest Kicks & Crawl 3D Tshirts, which feature a flap opening and a hidden print inside to keep your baby amused. It'll be your baby's dream Tshirt, sewn with the lightest fabrics and made to go with every occasion.


Multiple designs on a super soft fabric with an innovative 3D interface.

  1. Ice Cream T-Shirt:

If you want to ensure the summer heat doesn't bother your little one, you’ve to get them the clothes that help them do so! Get your hand on the latest Kicks & Crawl 3D Tshirts, which stand out and also come with a fun little flap that is sure to give your baby all the entertainment they need. This is also crafted from the softest fabrics that make summer more bearable and made to go with every occasion. Grab some bandana baby bibs too for protecting the cute outfit during the meals.

Highlights include:

  • Soft Fabric: Many designs on a super soft fabric with a 3D interface.

  • Super Fun Designs: With these fun designs, you can give your little one that perfect summer look!

  1. Checks and Flowers:

You want your child to be trendy while still being relaxed and wearing light, airy clothes. With that in mind, Kicks & Crawl presents the Checks & Flowers Dress, which features intricate embroidery on the collar! It will be your little girl's favourite outfit, as it is made of genuine light fabric and soft materials.

Fresh Model: Keep up with the latest fashion trends with these new fashion designs.

Soft and Absorbent Fabric: Helps keep your child cool, as it's made from soft and breathable cloth.

Embroidery with a lot of detail: Designers' hand sewn intricate embroidery adds to your baby's adorableness.

What’s your summer pick?