What Kind of Newborn Baby Blanket Set Should You Opt For Your Little One?

Blankets are like warm hugs, wrapping them around your kids make them feel safe and comfy. Sewn or cut, crocheted or quilted, baby covers are excellent gifts to give your baby as they’ll last for quite some time!

Did you know that buying or making a blanket suitable for newborn babies takes a lot of thought?

However, it may provide warmth to the baby when they are not in their crib and you need something to keep him warm while you keep an eye on him. So, what do you look for when choosing a blanket for your baby?

Choosing The Right Blanket Size:

Babies grow up quickly and you have to factor this when you’re getting them newborn baby blanket set. Just like how they outgrow their baby cloth diapers, toys, and mommy's arms, they also outgrow blankets.

Make sure you choose the correct blanket size so that it can be used for a few months before being repurposed, handed down, or saved as a family heirloom.

It's important that you choose the right kind of bedding and blanket. Size, trims, fabric, and embellishments all play a role in ensuring the baby's safety and providing protection against a lot of external factors and diseases.

Here’s how you can purchase the right blanket:

  • To begin, ensure the fabric you choose is safe for your baby's skin. Cotton is the best choice when it comes to this. Choose a blanket with a cotton sheet on the bottom.

  • Avoid buying blankets with a lot of fur on them because the fur can fall out and into your infant's nasal passages or mouths when he or she is breathing.

  • Avoid the soft, bulky, fashionable ones because they aren't made of breathable fabric. It's possible that your child will struggle if she pulls it over her head while sleeping.”

  • And if you're purchasing a thick baby blanket, ensure it's made of moisture wicking material. Check to see if air is going through the blanket while it is held near the fan.

  • Synthesized or satin fabric should be avoided because they will not hold your baby warm and can cause skin irritation or blemishes on sensitive skin.

Once you get the right blanket, you and your baby can enjoy peaceful nights! Choose one that can be used for a while and you’re good to go!


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