Why Do Babies Cry When They Are Tired?

One of the most common actions for a baby is crying. It’s their way of communication and is a signal that you need to do something to pacify them or correct any problem or discomfort they may be facing. A lot of people think that babies will sleep better if they are put to bed later and this is a common misconception.

Babies sleep longer, better and cry less when they’re put to bed earlier in the evening and those who sleep late are “over-tired” though it might seem like they have energy.

Understanding sleep signals:

For a parent, understanding your baby’s sleep signals is important to know exactly when they’re tired. You need to grab the moment just before the “sleepy window” passes by. The first signs of tiredness include yawning, eye rubbing and slowing down among others. This should be a good signal that they want to sleep. It generally occurs around 6 to 7 PM in babies. Keep the newborn baby carry nest sleeping bag ready.

Misconceptions about crying and sleep:

A lot of parents dream of giving their baby enough sleep so they can do it all through the night. Most babies can make it to 8 hours or more without feeding around the four months time. If babies are still waking up at night, the problem isn’t in waking up, but going back to sleep.

Babies tend to cry when they wake up from a deep sleep and they can do this pretty often at night. They can wake up typically around 2 to 4 times every night and you need to figure out the best way to pacify them. Some can cry briefly and soothe themselves to sleep, the others don’t do so. Learn the best way to swaddle wrap a newborn, this would comfort the baby in no time.

The important key to help your child is to get them to sleep sooner. You can create a routine that includes books, lullabies and also rocking just before bedtime. You can follow this by putting the baby in the crib while they’re still awake and this allows them to learn exactly what it’s like to fall asleep on their own.

If they’re above the age of one, you can give them a stuffed animal or a special blanket that they can comfort themselves with to fall asleep.

You could also opt for a comfy sleep nest that gives them the ideal conditions for a wonderful rest and give yourself some free time to breathe and relax! Good luck!