Your Little Explorer's Uniforms are a Great Addition to Your Baby Hamper!

What’s the one thing that makes kids, kids? It’s that natural curiosity. To want to understand their little worlds better and learn. Many kids showcase this curiosity from the time they can walk and that’s when all the fun starts.

This habit of exploring is a great trait and you could use that to find inspiration for their clothing and accessories. We’ve got a wonderful range of products around our “Explorer” theme that’s perfect to give your little explorer a cute little look.

Here’s what you must “explore” -

  1. The big hamper - Hampers are some of the best newborn baby gifts you can get yourself as a new and expectant parent, or as a gift to someone. These “explorer-themed” hampers come with some of our best products, including the Baby Squirrel organic swaddle, the Nutty Nights organic pillow, the Baby Squirrel Crib sheet, the Reversible cloth bibs that are Squirrel and Galaxy-based and a washcloth for a cleaner experience.

  2. Organic burp cloth - Here’s an explorer-based organic burp cloth which is sure to make your life easier. These cloths are certified organic and ensure your baby only enjoys the softest fabric on their faces. This pack of 2 burp cloth also comes with a wide surface so the cloth doubles up as a bib and a snap button that attaches at the back.

  3. Muslin swaddles - The muslin swaddles also come in the midnight explorer theme range and are sourced ethically, while ensuring they’re super soft. The wide base of the baby muslin swaddle allows the baby to enjoy a comfortable rest, while keeping them warm and cozy. These packs of 2 swaddles can also be repurposed as so many other accessories, including a blanket, stroller cover, burp cloth, swaddle wrap and many other useful purposes.

  1. Bolsters - The explorer-themed bolsters are another excellent product for your baby. It’ll keep them super cozy as you create a nice little nest around them. The 100% organic quality of the cloth is perfect to ensure there’s no overheating while being easy to change and wash, whenever needed. The pack of 2 are certified organic, so you know you’re in for a soft, fuss-free time.

Along with these, you could also explore other products like the crib sheet, bandana baby bibs and more. Head over and also check out our other products for both mommy and baby and bring home some of the best sourced accessories.