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Teach your baby new things from around the world & worlds beyond such as apples to astronauts and lions to lobsters with Kicks and Crawl’s all new - colourful Flashcards. Flashcards are a great versatile learning tool for children that not only allow them to interact and retain the information but also make learning fun.

Animals In The Jungle Flashcards

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Life Underwater Flashcards

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"Firstly, Amazing packing! Secondly the prints are really cute. And most of all the fabric is super soft! Really loved it!"

Modi, Calcutta

"I have others but the quality and fit of this ready swaddle is amazing. My baby slept immediately after getting into it"

Rishabh, Gurgaon

"We've been browsing and shopping via baby websites since we got pregnant but the quality of socks and towels you are giving has been the best thus far. I already have so much more to order from you! Very happy with the products received"

Priya, Bangalore

Hi! Received the products. I really love the quality of everything. The bibs and socks are so good, great quality and amazing design. I'll keep purchasing!"

Pratibha, Karnataka

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