5 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Woohoo! Someone you know and love dearly is expecting soon, and you want to shower them with the most beautiful presents...at their baby shower! Well, if the baby shower’s around Christmas, that’s an even better idea because you can club two gifts in one.

There’s a wide range of new mom essentials that you can give an expectant mother and make sure they’re all prepped for their new life -

  1. Mommy clothing -

Buying mommy-friendly clothing is one of the best gifts you can give as their bodies start adjusting to the baby inside. There’s a wide range of clothing options you can choose from, making it easier for you.

You could bundle a few lovely dresses from the mom-to-be section and let them move around freely and comfortably. You can check out ready-made, comfortable clothes for pregnant moms on our site, and pick one that’s perfect!

  1. Cloth diapers -

While diapers aren’t something you should worry about, you could nudge your friends towards going organic. It’s a win-win for all, as she won’t have to spend on disposable diapers and also have a set she can reuse for a long time.

Cloth diapers also help reduce the carbon footprint and you can buy them a set to get them started with.

  1. Waterproof bed sheets -

Oh, new-born babies can leave a lot of water residue while asleep, and this requires a waterproof bed sheet that can absorb it all. Waterproof bed sheets can play a big role in the initial years, and you can give someone a lovely, soft set.

The soft material is specially designed to be absorbent without leakage and is super easy-to-clean. Your gift can make it easier for them as they constantly need to wash older sheets.

  1. Carry nest -

This is another absolutely adorable gift you can give an expectant mom because it allows her to be mobile while carrying the baby. A carry nest keeps the baby warm and snug and also has a variety of uses.

It can be used as a changing mattress or even sleeping bag - so they’re well covered.

  1. Gift hampers -

With the baby coming in soon, you’d like to make sure mums are prepared for their arrival. If you’re not sure what you’d like to buy, you could head over to our gift hampers section.

The baby hamper features a list of must-need items for moms-to-be, making it simpler for you to make your choice. With essentials like towels, toys and socks among others, it’s the perfect way to show how excited you are for the new arrival.

So, go ahead and give her the perfect Christmas as she rings in the new year with her gift of joy!