What are Some Cool Gift Ideas for Newborns?

Buying gifts for newborns can be a little tricky. Life would be a lot simpler if these little dumplings could simply tell us what they like. Nevertheless, newborns grow very fast and their first few years are all about growth, learning, and new experiences filled with loads of laughter, joy, and love. And, they deserve nothing but the best. So it is totally worth the time and effort to select the ideal gifts for them.

Check out these 7 cool gift ideas for a Newborn

  1. An All-embracing Newborn Gift Hamper

These little bundles of joy deserve only the best and what’s a better gift than a hamper that contains all the essentials a baby will need for their utmost care and comfort. At Kicks & Crawl, we have carefully curated the most delightful Gift Hampers for a newborn to cherish their nourishing years.

  1. A Set of Adorable Swaddles

It would be a lovely idea to give a much needed swaddle to a newborn. It will not only keep them super comfortable and snug but the pictures will come out even cuter.

  1. A Cozy Blanket

A night of good and comfy sleep is vital for a newborn’s development. Every baby needs a cozy blanket made with ultra-soft fabric for a seamless siesta.

  1. A Good Quality Bib

Newborns drool and burp a lot more than we can imagine. Even though we’d love to see their drooly smile, the wet mess can cause drool-rashes on a baby’s skin. Gifting some good quality muslin bibs to a baby can be a great idea.

  1. An Eye-catchy and Safe Toy

An  should be all-natural, soft, fluffy, and squishy so that a baby can safely touch and play with it. An alluring toy would definitely catch every newborn’s attention and it might as well turn out to be their favorite sleep-buddy.

  1. A Pair of Socks

You can give a cute pack of socks to keep the baby’s feet warm. Nobody likes cold feet, especially a baby. Moreover, these tiny socks are bound to get misplaced often so it’ll come in handy to stock up on a good number of them, just like baby sheets and blankets.

  1. Complete Baby Bath Hamper

This is every parent’s dream kit. Having a set of complete baby bathing essentials like Kicks & Crawl’s Boy tubs and bubs bathing hamper and Girl tubs and bubs bathing hamper make bathing such a delightful, easy, and hassle-free experience, making it an amazing gift idea.

So, those were a couple of gift ideas that you might like to try out, you can also come up with something else that suits your fancy. Just make sure that you prioritize quality while choosing a baby product.