Nursery Essentials 101

When you're putting together a nursery, it's possible to get frustrated. You'll be ooh-ing and aah-ing over a slew of products in baby boutiques, all of which seem vital to your child's future joy and well-being, including the pink couch made from 100 percent organic cotton by a foreign artisan.

Babies, on the other hand, are easy creatures. Just a few items are truly essential, while the rest is merely pleasant to have. So focus your efforts on the essentials mentioned below. They're everything you'll need to transform any part of your home into a baby-friendly place, whether it's a corner in your master bedroom or any other room.

Here are some nursery essentials which you need. The rest can wait:

  1. Crib:

Before anything else, the crib must be safe. This should go without saying, but a newborn will spend the majority of his or her time in a crib. According to Baby Center, newborns will sleep 16-17 hours a day (67 percent of the time), so having a good crib is important.

The visibility of a crib is something to consider before buying one. We kept a baby camera with us at all times, but we discovered that it's difficult to keep the camera in a position where the baby is almost always visible. Upwards of half of the cribs on the market today have shut sides. Make sure it's barred and clear from all four sides so you wouldn't have to rush to the nursery every five minutes to check on your infant.

  1. Mattress Protector:

A waterproof mattress cover is needed not only for the crib, but also for your bed if your baby spends any time there. For babies, there are countless spit-ups and blow-outs that are unavoidable. Cover your mattress with a waterproof cover to save time in the middle of the night by just having to adjust the mattress cover instead of having to change and wash the mattress itself.

  1. Nursing chair and pillow:

A nursing seat is any chair that helps you to comfortably sit and nurse your infant. You should be able to lean, rock, swivel, and put your feet up in this chair. Make sure your seat is as comfortable as possible because a baby can feed every hour, if not more.

A nursing pillow is also necessary to help the baby feel comfortable.  In order to prevent indigestion and gas, your baby's head should be propped up when breastfeeding.

This cushion can be used for breastfeeding as well as tummy time exercises. When the time comes, the Boppy can also be used as a seat rest to help the babies sit up.

  1. Storage Nest:

It’s highly important that you have a storage nest for all your baby products, because quite frankly, where else would it be? A good storage nest is sturdy and allows you to place all your kids’ toys, essentials and more.

With these tips, you’ll have all the nursery new mom essentials you need for a happy and bubbly baby!


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