5 Benefits of Swaddling a Newborn for New Moms!

One of the oldest practices for keeping babies comfortable is swaddling. It dates back to 4,000 BC and that’s because it comes with a slew of benefits. It soothes and calms the baby and helps them sleep better.

Better sleep ensures that infants are calmer, happier and have heart rates that are a lot more stable. When done the right way, swaddling is an excellent way to comfort and calm your baby. So, the mother needs to learn the best way to swaddle wrap a newborn.

Here are the top benefits of swaddling:

It mimics the womb:

Making the transition from the womb to the real world is not a simple process at all. Babies find themselves in a bright and cold world that isn’t the same as their warm, cozy environment. Good swaddling using a swaddle blanket for newborn ensures the baby enjoys the cozy and secure feeling of a womb, so they can transition easier.

Gives a soothing touch:

Touch is known to have many neurological effects where it triggers a form of self-soothing response in the brain. It can stabilize the blood pressure and heart rate and also reduce any cortisol levels. Touch is also important for the proper development of a baby.

A comfortable swaddle can mimic the soft touch of a mother and helps them enjoy more restful sleep.

Moderates the Moro Reflex:

Another benefit of swaddling a baby is that it can alleviate the Moro reflex effects. This is a neurological response that makes newborns feel like they’re free falling, and this happens often during the first 3 to 4 months.

While it is normal, the startling effect it has can wake them up and good swaddling helps them sleep more peacefully.

Regulating Temperature:

Swaddling can help regulate the optimal temperature for a baby and it’s important that you use a breathable swaddle that is high-quality. You need to ensure however that you don’t over-bundle them as this can cause them to feel too warm and uncomfortable. Keep the comfort of your baby in mind while looking for newborn baby carry nest sleeping bag as well.

Alleviates Colic:

Babies with colic provide a challenging experience for parents. The feeling of helplessness as they try to calm the baby is quite frustrating. Colic is due to a developing digestive system and it can be difficult for the baby to digest food.

It can cause intense pain and gas, leading to inconsolable fussiness or crying over a prolonged period.

Now that you know the benefits of proper swaddling, it’s time to get a set for your little one. You can also gift them, and they’ll ensure your little ones get the best sleep of their lives!