The New Mom Essentials Guide: Useful Tricks and Tips for Baby Care

Every new mom always wants to do as much as she can when it comes to her baby. From burping them the right way, to cutting their toenails to even dressing them up, or, learning the right way to swaddle baby with blanket, it can seem like quite a challenge but a fun one at that.

With a little bit of practice and time, you’ll be doing it all like a seasoned pro. Plus, you’re not alone! We’ve got some excellent tips for you that could make baby care all that much easier -

  1. The Pacifier Medicine - When your baby needs to take their medicine, you can help them do it easier by piercing a hole at the tip of any open-ended pacifier and create a tiny little opening, or even use a bottle nipple without having to cut. When the baby sucks away, you can stick the dropper in order to administer whatever dose is needed.

  1. The Kitchen Sink Hack -The kitchen sink can actually double up as a cute little baby bathtub, especially during the first few days you’re recovering from childbirth. If you have two sinks, you could use one exclusively to bathe the baby. Later use muslin baby towel for drying up.

  1. Moisturizing - Moisturize the cap of the cradle cap with a little coconut oil and use a baby comb in order to gradually and gently remove any flaking skin.

  1. A baby nail cutter is an excellent option to invest in, because of the magnifying glass attached to ours makes it very easy to use.

  1. Swaddle bathing is an option you can try for fussy babies who don’t like to be bathed. By wrapping them in a cute little swaddling cloth or light blanket, you can slowly unwrap one limb and clean them at a time.

  1. Folding the waistline of baby cloth diapers for newborns down and away from the umbilical cord while it’s still healing.

  1. Wet wipes applied on the baby’s belly button are an excellent way of preventing babies (especially boys) from peeing on you. Just before changing a diaper, a wet wipe can make them pee residually as the fresh air prompts a reaction from them.

  1. Vegetable oil made naturally, like coconut or olive oil on the newborn’s genital areas can help clear off any sticky meconium poops much easily.

  1. Burp your baby by placing them on your lap and slowly moving their upper body in a circular direction while also holding their head.

  1. Foaming baby washes can be made by filling an empty bottle with foaming hand soap and equal parts baby wash and water.

With these useful tips and tricks, mommy-hood just got so much easier. You can thank us later!


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