Opt for Forest Friends Collection as Newborn Baby Gifts to Hug Your Little Nature Lover!

For you, your little one’s happiness is what matters the most. Growing up as toddlers, they tend to become attached to some theme - whether it’s space, colors or animals. You can identify their little quirks and responses and use them to buy them clothes and other products.

One of the most popular themes in our collection is Forest Friends. They have illustrations of all the little animals in your baby’s little book and you can also use these products to inspire them to fall in love with animals again.

Here are some of our Forest Friends collection that you need to get for your little one or, could buy as newborn baby gifts -

Reversible Blankets

Our reversible blankets are one of our bestsellers and for good reason. Lined with the best cozy and soft insulation for your baby’s comfort, the blanket is also made with cotton that’s ethically sourced and is in line with the Global Organic Textile Standard of certification. We’ve also bio-washed them to kill bacteria and germs and give your baby sound sleep, for a safe night, every night. The animal print is the icing on the cake and a super cute reason to wrap it around them.

Organic Pillows

Comfort and great sleep are always two extremely vital requirements for a baby. With that in mind, our animal-themed organic pillow is designed to ensure your baby doesn’t get flat head syndrome. The towels are also created with organic products and regulate the temperature of their most vital organs.

The pillows are made from cotton that’s ethically sourced and are also an excellent way to keep your baby’s comfort at the top of your priority list!


Swaddles are another amazing product you can get that’s animal-themed. If you don’t want to compromise on their eating experience and how you feed them, then swaddles are just the product for you. The muslin swaddles are handmade and are a must have for any baby.

You can use the baby muslin swaddle for multiple purposes - blanket, wrapper, burp cloth and even a stroller cover and it’ll do its job absolutely perfectly!

Organic bibs

Giving your kid animal-themed bibs are a great way to get them distracted so they don’t create a lot of fuss while eating or drinking. These bibs are available on the store and can be shipped almost immediately, so you know you can get started quickly..

Head over and get ready to buy newborn baby products to rumble in the jungle!


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