Why Our Gift Cards Make for a Great Gift

Even if there are a lot of wonderful baby gift ideas out there, it's pointless to buy something worthless or show up with a present that another visitor has brought as well. Furthermore, some parents are really difficult to purchase for!

As a result, in some situations, a gift card may be a wonderful alternative to a "real" baby present.

Here are a Few Reasons Why Baby Gift Cards are a Good Idea:

  • You may not be familiar with the family and are unable to come up with a suitable personalized gift for them. The expectant parents may choose what they actually need and want with a gift card like a double sided blanket for the baby.

  • This may be one of those families who already has "everything" and you're stumped as to what extra to gift them.

  • If this is even their third child, they will most likely already have all of the necessary items. Rather than buying them another towel or comforter, offer them a gift card and let them select what they want, even if it's just diapers. This is also true whether you're shopping for twins or even triplets.

  • The new parents may choose what they want to purchase for the baby and when they want it - but because most gift cards rarely expire, the 'when' can be months or even years later!

  • It's possible that the event invitation expressly states that baby shower gift vouchers or diapers are accepted, along with baby shower gift baskets.

  • It's difficult to shop for clothes if you don't know the baby's gender. Parents can select a pretty pink or a boyish blue clothing and purchase it with your gift card once the baby is delivered. However, you can choose best towels for babies as these would be required for taking care of the baby.

  • A gift card could be your sheet anchor' if you need a last-minute gift. So, if you need a gift right away and don't have time to go shopping, purchasing and delivering an online baby gift certificate will just take a few minutes.


With the Kicks & Crawl gift card, you can give yourself or someone dear to you the ultimate option to buy anything they want! Head over now and choose a denomination that works best for you and we’ll take care of the rest!