What To Look For When You're Buying A Feeding Pillow?

While these look simple, feeding pillows are important to ensure comfortable and successful breastfeeding. Choosing the right feeding pillow requires you to opt for one that fits perfectly and is also comfortable for your baby.

Here are a few tips for when you’re buying a feeding pillow -

  1. Choose the right fit and sizeNursing pillows need to accommodate a growing child. The child has to be breastfed exclusively for six months and the pillow needs to adjust to their growing needs. There are a collection of baby breastfeeding pillow that are made in such a way that these can be used overtime and remain in great condition even after constant use.

  1. FirmnessIf your baby’s head sinks down, then it isn’t firm enough. The baby’s neck needs to be level with the mother’s breast during feeding and this can be achieved with a firm breastfeeding nursing pillow. You need to also check the thickness so that you don’t have to bend and feed the baby. Avoid foam wedge pillows and harder ones as they can be uncomfortable for the baby.

  1. Attachable baby pillow - There’s a feeding pillow that is commonly used and then there’s one that just adds extra comfort for your baby. With our attachable baby pillow, you can rest your baby’s head very comfortably on it whilst feeding, without having to worry about their head sinking down.

  1. Easy to washDrooling babies and leaky breasts can ruin the pillows in a matter of months. They need to be super clean and sanitized to ensure they don’t get thrown away. Invest in a good machine-washable and waterproof set of covers for the pillows. You could also search for pillows that are waterproof right under the cover too. This prevents any dribble and milk spilling to leave a permanent odor.

  1. Travel-safeIn case you’re worrying about travelling and need a pillow that’s not too bulky or heavy, then the lightweight, inflatable ones can work for you. There are travel pillows which just require a little air and can fit into any bag or suitcase with ease. Pack it flat and place it inside the diaper bag as well!

  1. Consider color and styleWhen you invest in decorating the nursery, you will also need to ensure the best feeding pillow matches the same style as your interiors and is just as cute, if you know what we mean! You want your child to enjoy feeding time and the patterns and designs can also properly coordinate with the decor of the nursery.

These are some imperative tips and tricks for feeding pillows that you can use to improve feeding time for your baby and enjoy.