Baby Showers - How to create the best list?

One of the best things about being an expectant mom is throwing the baby shower. You get to be the center of attention as all your doting friends “shower” you with gifts before your little one decides to come out and greet the world. Planning a baby shower is fun and do you know what’s more fun? It is making the list for your friends.

Traditionally, you create a list for your baby shower, writing down the names of the items you’d like such as baby feeding cushion or, super soft baby blankets to help you once the little one arrives. Here are some things you must have and should definitely include them in the long list of your items:

  1. Diapers and Wipes - Oh, you can never have enough of them. The first year especially, the babies run through diapers like crazy and it’s always good to have a nice, healthy supply of diapers and wipes handy.

  1. Hooded Wrapper - When you show the little one the world outside, you want to make sure they’re absolutely comfy inside… their cute lil’ hoodies. You could ask a close family member to get you some cute hoodies so that your baby looks like an adorable little ball.

  1. Swaddles - There’s nothing that can replicate the feeling of being inside the womb. Well, almost. The newborn baby swaddle does a great job of restricting the limb movement of the little ones so they feel cozy and warm inside, and will help them feel sleepier than usual.

  1. Blanket - Once you get used to motherhood, you’ll literally be thankful to keep the little one busy so you can catch a break. A newborn baby wrap blanket is a nice gift to ask for during a baby shower as it helps the baby feel comfortable and hopefully gets them ready to quickly get to sleep.

  1. Baby Carrier - A thick swaddle bag to keep your baby safe in is one of the important essentials you could get. Our carry nests ensure that the baby is comfortable. The adjustable velcro straps inside make it easy for you to settle your baby in nicely and have them stay safe.

  1. Booties and Caps - Get these cute little apparels and you’ll be so happy with how they turn out. There are not many sights cuter than a little baby with their own booties and caps - all ready for playtime. This is a nice, inexpensive thing to ask for but it’ll be worth the investment.

  1. Socks- Going out on a leisurely stroll? Not without the little one’s trusted pair of socks. It’s the perfect gift to ask for in your shower because you can never have enough of them. You can encourage them to go bonkers with the designs and store them for years to come.

  1. Nursing pillow - This is one of those gifts you can get even before delivery because, you need that much-needed breastfeeding practice, don’t you? The nursing pillow can help you hold the best milk bottle for baby properly and make the process all the more easier.

These are some of the essential items you can ask for during your baby shower. Make sure your friends are aware of who’s getting what, otherwise you could end up with two of the same things.