Trendy Ways to Dress You Baby Boy This Summer

One of the best parts about being a parent to a baby is that you can dress them up in a wide variety of options and they won’t say a thing! But of course, it’s also important to get clothes that are of the right material, fabric and fit so that they are comfortable throughout their infancy and toddler years.

There are plenty of options for little boys to choose from, and we’ve got a fun list of products that are sure to have your boy looking and feeling his stylish best!

  1. Shirts and shorts:

The classic combination that’s bound to have your little one looking like an absolute gent, we’ve got a great range of options to choose from. These are super light on the skin, made with safe fabrics and offer a glimpse into the stylish future that your boy has in front of them.

Also, the matching shorts with the shirts offer great comfort so he doesn’t feel stuffy or warm at any point of time! Do not forget the stylish caps mittens and booties!


This outfit not only saves you time when it comes to clothing your baby, but it also adds to their charm. The front button makes dressing your baby a breeze, and the stretchy shorts allow your baby's legs to roam freely, ready for any adventure.

This piece of clothing is proudly created and made in India. It’s front buttons make dressing and keeping your baby dressed a breeze. It also has breathable fabric that will keep your kid cool and active.

  1. Leggings:

Leggings are a great alternative for your infant since they are made of soft, quality cotton and include ribbing at the waist to make crawling in and out easier. 3D leggings are one-of-a-kind and will make your baby's clothing stand out. Now is the time to shop the selection for attractive everyday clothing for your kid.


This apparel collection is composed of 170-200gsm cotton with a 50s thread count and is created with the softest grade cotton available. Clothing that is proudly created and made in India.

You can make your kid stand out with never-before-seen 3D Leggings available only at Kicks & all of our clothes to help destroy germs and make the fabric hypoallergenic.

  1. Onesies:

Onesies come with soft and quality cotton sleepsuits with front open snap buttons and connected booties that make crawling into and out of the sleepsuit simpler for your baby.

These onesies, which is part of the City Crawler theme boys' collection, eliminates the stress of selecting what to make your baby wear and keeps them comfy all week. Buy these adorable sleepsuits today, in a variety of colours and sizes, and watch your baby walk around like a darling.

Choose from our great range and let your boy live his most stylish life, starting today!