Pregnancy in the Pandemic

You just got back from the doctor with the good news. You’re pregnant and now’s the time to invite everyone over and enjoy all the attention, and shop for wrapping blanket for newborns. But all of a sudden, your country’s leader announces a nationwide lockdown and you’re stuck all alone, of course with your partner, during your pregnancy.

While that’s not what you expected, being pregnant in the pandemic can actually be a good thing. Of course, you need to minimize any interaction with the outside world and take extra care but it’s all worth the wait.

Here’s why it can be surprisingly beneficial -

  1. No need to hide the bump -

A lot of you like to take your own sweet time announcing your pregnancy and hiding the bump can be quite the task. When you're home, there’s no need for all that drama of finding the right clothes to hide it.

With no nosy relatives and friends, you can flaunt your belly all you like at home and enjoy life to the fullest while searching for baby swaddle cloth online.

  1. Weekday naps? Why not!

When you’re pregnant and working in an office setting, it can be hard to take daytime naps. Not anymore! If you’re feeling sleepy or drowsy, just inform your boss and they’ll totally understand! Take a couple of hours off and just enjoy a well-deserved break.

  1. Quicker doctor visits -

Your only interaction with the outside world needs to be with your doctor. Make sure you carry all your necessary safety equipment and follow the norms and you’re pretty much good to go.

The doctor visits are also faster because they can only admit a certain number of  people into the waiting room. Everything is much faster, easier, and convenient, so yay!

  1. Less unwanted parental advice -

It gets super annoying when someone you don’t know (or, even like) starts giving you unsolicited parental advice, right? You won’t face that any more thanks to the pandemic and you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful and less intrusive life.

Even unwanted comments like, “hope it’s a boy” or “make sure the other child is ready for the arrival” won’t have to be faced. You can do as you please, finding the right advice regarding the best way to bottle feed a baby from the people you trust and move on in life.

  1. Spending quality time with the baby -

If you have already delivered before the pandemic, it normally means having to entertain many guests who would come over to visit. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to do so, and it can be tiring.

With the pandemic, you can spend all the quality time you want with your baby and enjoy your special moments as you swaddle baby with blanket.

So, don’t worry about being pregnant and delivering during the pandemic. It can be an enjoyable and memorable experience that most people don’t get.