Dads, Here’s How You Can Change Nappies

Let’s face it - nappy changing isn’t the most fun job. The diapers can get full and smelly and it requires you to adjust to the moving baby. The whole experience can be quite cumbersome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

If you’re a first-time dad and have to change your baby’s diapers, you could find it hard. Your wife may seem much more natural at it, but she too learned it somewhere along with learning the best way to swaddle a newborn.

Let’s take you through a few tips & tricks when it comes to doing the ‘dirty’ work -

  1. Get the gear in place -

The whole thing is a process. It begins with getting the right gear in place. Take it step by step and it becomes simpler. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re not used to changing diapers, so firstly, prepare wet wipes, warm water, cotton balls, fresh diapers, clothes, and diaper cream.

Make sure all of these items including a baby wrapping cloth are within arm’s reach and you’re good to go. Make sure the necessary equipments are around the station and you’ll be able to sail through the process.

  1. Lie the baby on its back -

Lie the baby on its back on the changing table and take off the straps in the diaper and unroll the front half of it downwards. Your baby won’t be able to roll over on their own for a couple of months and you can keep your hand on them to prevent them from moving.

Make sure you’re always supervising at all times so they’re not alone. Once you lie them on their backs, it becomes easier to remove and place the diaper on again.

  1. Place a clean one below the dirty diaper -

Placing a clean diaper below the dirty one ensures that you’re safe in case the baby decides to relieve themselves during the process. You can also cover them with a cloth and ensure they don’t mess the station.

  1. Wipe from front to back -

Now that everything is in place, use the wet wipe or a washcloth to clean their groin area from the front to the back. It reduces their chances of contracting a UTI. Use warm water and a flannel to clean up the poop of newborns as they excrete Meconium, which is a black, sticky substance.

  1. Dry off and seal -

Use a dry cloth and clean off the mess. The area needs to be dry so that your baby doesn’t get any diaper rash. You also must dry off before applying the diaper cream. Once you do so, seal the diaper so it doesn’t fall off.

That’s that then! All it takes is a little practice and soon, you’ll be able to change the little one’s diapers without any assistance.