How to Choose the Right Towels for Your Little One?

With your newborn, you don't take risks. You should get a towel only after doing a rigorous research process to ensure your baby's comfort. Even the appropriate towel selection can feel like a challenge for new parents.

To make it easier for you, here is a simple buyer's guide that can assist make the process smoother and help you pick the right towel.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Climate:

Your newborn's towels should not simply be based on looks but comfort as well. It also depends on the weather. Consider a thicker towel if you live in a chilly climate. In warmer areas, cotton towels are ideal. It's breathable and comfortable for the child.

  • No scents:

Babies and scents might cause a really bad reaction. Some scents are so powerful that their nostrils cannot keep up, causing their skin to react. Certain towel brands have warned against the baby's exposure to hazardous scents.

Even if a brand is certain that their perfume for children is safe, it's always advisable to avoid it. Perfumes and scents can induce respiratory tract issues and rashes on the body. You can buy a fragrance-free towel and add the scent after if you'd like.

  • Fabric:

Choosing the correct fabric can be difficult. Though certain fabrics feel warm, they may not be soft. Soft materials may not be ideal for warm weather.  A towel must offer the best of both worlds for the baby - during both summer and winter. It must keep them dry, cool and warm depending on the weather

Flannel and cotton are great for a newborn baby's towel. Even better if it is manufactured from nylon.

Cotton towels are ideal, because they are made of combed cotton. One wash might make cotton towels scratchy for your baby's skin. A crumpled towel feels like sandpaper on your baby's skin. Additionally, friction causes rashes. After repeated washing, combed cotton does not lose its softness.

  • Absorbent:

A baby's towel should be twice as absorbent as adult and older child towels. The baby has to dry quickly to avoid developing a cold. Finally, don't keep rubbing the cloth on the baby's skin. A towel must absorb water easily.

  • Size:

Newborns should have a towel that fits. Don't buy a towel which is too small because it exposes them to the cold as they dry. New towels are needed as the baby grows.

Why Choose Hooded Towels?

Hooded towels, for example, are an excellent option for anyone who wants a towel they can keep on the baby for a while. That’s because hooded towels not only keep babies dry, they can also be used to wipe the baby’s soft head in a better way.

Also, a majority of the above factors can be easily managed with the help of a good baby elephant hooded towel, that does the job effectively.

With these factors, it becomes easier to choose a towel that your little one can use for a long time, and more importantly, in a safe manner!