Charcoal Bamboo Cloth Diaper Insert - 3 pack

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Rs. 399

One of the biggest challenges of parenting is, changing your baby’s diaper. You and your partner keep taking turns, but it seems as If the job never ends. Hence to make your life easier, Kicks and Crawl introduces our Reusable Cloth Diaper Inserts. Simply clean the baby and replace the diaper insert to a new one, saving you time and letting your baby enjoy their favorite diaper all day long. Our Charcoal Bamboo variant is completely anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to prevent rashes and infections. The bamboo fabric gives it maximum absorbency and soft cushioning  to help your baby crawl happy and free.

Key Features
  • Charcoal Lining – Our innovative bamboo fabric is lined with charcoal on the layers giving it a softness never seen before. The charcoal helps kills germs quicker and keeps the smell away.
  • Bamboo Fabric – Lined with charcoal absorbs liquids faster and better than cotton or microfiber, keeping your baby crawling free and safe.
  • Superior Comfort– The multi layered insert keeps the water away preventing discomfort and rashes, giving your baby all day comfort.
  • Lasts all day– The changeable cloth inserts make it easy to keep the baby in the same diaper all day, keeping the baby cozy unlike disposable plastic diapers.
  • Eco Friendly– We at Kicks and Crawl strongly believe in making sustainable products for a better tomorrow. Our Reusable Cloth Diaper Insert prevents wastage and reduces disposable waste in our environment by creating a diaper that can be used multiple times.
How to Use

✓ Lay baby in a comfortable position

✓ Use Kicks and Crawl wipes to clean the baby’s bottom

✓ Place the soft and absorbent cotton insert on the inside of the diaper either in the insert pocket or flat on the surface

✓ Adjust baby on the diaper

✓ Pick and chose the correct snap to adjust the diaper to your baby’s comfort

Watch your baby crawl freely


100% Charcoal Bamboo.


Wash Instructions:
  • Wash separately from other laundry
  • Pre-wash cold
  • Machine wash at warm or hot (not exceeding 60 degree Celsius) using mild detergent
  • Hand dry only

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