2 in 1 Bottle & Nipple Brush - Blue

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Rs. 149.50 Rs. 299

We know every parent wants their baby to be fed in a squeaky-clean bottle. Thats why we at Kicks & Crawl have designed a 2-in-1 Bottle & Nipple brush, which can be used with all standard and wide-neck bottles.This brush keeps your baby’s feeding equipment safe from scratching and damaging with its curved brush tip equipped with molded handle-tip and scratchproof bristles.


  1. Specially curved:  brush helps reach the bottoms of wide-neck bottles to give it a proper cleaning
  2. Contoured handle-tip: perfect for cleaning the inside of nipples, making it an all in one tool.
  3. Soft yet sturdy bristles: making cleaning of nipples, bottles or feeding equipment easy and leaving them unscratched.
  4. BPA Free


1. To be cleaned thoroughly before each use

2. Ensure the brush is stored in a hygienic condition

3. If the appearance or color of the product changes, discard it

4. Avoid direct sunlight and heat

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