The Best Nail Cutters For Happy Little Fingers

One fun thing about babies is that you don’t need to cut their nails too often. Their nails are soft and tend to wear down on their own, mostly through contact with clothing. Older babies are known to wear down nails when they play and interact with their surroundings.

However, as time passes, you’ll begin to realize that maybe you do need to cut them and file them from time to time. You need to learn the tricks, just the way you learned the best way to swaddle a newborn. Here’s how you should go about cutting their nails and there’s a great tool to help you do so -

Cutting your baby’s nails -

The best time to cut your newborn’s nails are when they’re asleep, drowsy or calm in their super soft baby blankets. For children that are older, a high chair or a car seat to strap them in can do the trick.

What you need to ensure

  • Check for plenty of light so you can see properly.

  • Work with another person because it can help. They can hold your baby while you trim the nails.

  • Pull the baby’s finger pad a little away from the nail in order to avoid getting the skin cut.

  • You can trim the toenails across in order to prevent any ingrown nails.

Here’s how you can keep the baby happy as you cut their nails -

  • Sing to them or talk calmly

  • Distract them with an activity or a toy. This works well with babies who are older

  • Involve your child in a game or make the process of nail cutting a game in itself

  • Praise your child every time you complete the activity. This will help them feel good!

One of the biggest fears a lot of moms have with regards to their babies is injuring their skin when it comes to shaping their nails. With our brand new nail cutter, that might just be the end of that.

Magnifying glass to ensure 100% safety -

In case you’re wondering how you’re going to trim the tiny nails of your little one, we’ve got the answer. Our innovative baby nail cutter comes with precise sharpness and smooth edges that are designed specially to cut your little one’s nails. With the grip handle and detailed edges, you can now enjoy superior control and ensure better safety. It’s also easily portable.

Key features -

  • The nail cutter is designed as per the international standards for hygiene and safety

  • It’s made from durable stainless steel blades and made from rust-free quality

  • The smooth yet slightly sharp edges ensure a much safer trim

  • The gripped handle allows for better control

Get it now and make nail cutting a fun and easy affair!