How to Care For The Super Soft Baby Blankets You've Bought?

Baby blankets!

They’re oh-so-soft and your little one seems to take to it like it's an extension of their body. Blankets are an important addition to your arsenal of baby products and a good, soft one can make a huge difference.

Whether you have a toddler or a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket, good blankets can act as a security shield, a chew toy, a cape, play mat or even a drag toy and you need to ensure they’re in good hands. There are a few ways you can care for a blanket and organic muslin cloth ones are the best types.

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Place it in the washer - No matter how delicate the fabric of the best muslin blankets for baby is, you can place it in the washer. Most parents aren’t up to do this as they are generally handmade, but a good organic one can easily be placed without any tension. For parents who are busy and prefer to machine wash, don’t worry because the blanket will turn out to be super okay.

  2. Use the gentle cycle - You can place the blanket in the washer but ensure that you’ve placed it in the gentle cycle so that it can be washed without any problem.

  3. Use a good detergent - There are certain detergents that can help the baby sheets and blankets stay safe without harming the baby’s skin.

  4. Wash in cold water - If color isn’t an issue, then washing the blanket in cold water can ensure it doesn’t shrink in any way.

  5. Fluff, air dry or tumble - Most of the fabrics withhold from a low heat setting in the dryer. You can also lay it out to dry flat on a surface and it’ll still remain as soft. They only need around 10 minutes of tumble dry time. You should also air dry knitted blankets and fluff with natural fibers.

  6. Front load washer - Most front loaded washers ensure they can be taken care of properly. You can use the top load to clear the machine of bra hooks, velcro, snaps or anything else that can snag.

With these tips, you can easily wash a baby blanket and ensure it stays good for plenty of months after purchase!

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