Reusable Cloth Diapers for Babies for a Hassle-free Experience: Know Why

One of the first thoughts that come to people’s minds when they think of cloth diapers is that of a big handkerchief on which you put safety pins. That’s a common misconception for those who haven’t actually used them regularly for their babies.

Reusable cloth diapers are actually a great product to purchase for your child because they come with a slew of benefits -

  1. More affordable -

Buying disposable diapers may seem convenient but they’re actually way more expensive. An average child goes through anywhere between four to eight thousand diapers in their lives.

Reusable diapers on the other hand can be purchased at regular intervals and the child can have a set of say, 15 for an entire week. By the time they come out of it, they would’ve only used a few hundreds, saving you a lot of money.

  1. Environment-friendly -

Going through so many disposable diapers means a lot of paper gets wasted. In addition to plastic, it can have adverse effects on the environment. This, in addition to the whole transportation cost that goes into getting those diapers in your hands.

With a reusable cloth diaper, you can access it directly from our store and it can last you so long, that we won’t have to worry about the environment and you reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

  1. More absorbent -

From a blowout factor, baby cloth diapers are way more generous and can absorb better. It’s not the same case when it comes to disposables.

Sometimes, with disposables, you’ll need to change the diaper in the middle of the night and it can be quite cumbersome. Reusable cloth diapers can hold enough for a few hours, and that can give you peace of mind.

  1. Way cuter -

Yeah, it’s not really a functional factor, but reusable cloth diapers are so much cuter when compared to the other types. From rockstar-themed, flamingos and even north pole-themed diapers, we have it all!

Plus, your babies will love the effect the cotton has on their skin, allowing them to be flexible and comfortable at the same time!

  1. Protect the genital area-

German scientists discovered that the skin temperature around a baby boy’s genital area is significantly higher, when they wear disposable diapers. While scientists called for more research, they did suggest that sustained use of these diapers in infants can contribute to the decline of sperm count in adult males!

  1. Easily adjustable -

Cloth diapers can be adjusted according to the size your baby is comfortable with. The snap buttons can be used to make it loose or tight. You know what the best part is, it’s one size fits all, which means you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong size.

Head over to our site now and make the change towards reusable cloth diapers for babies, right away!