How to Lose Weight Post-Delivery?

There’s plenty that needs to be thought about after you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby - when to feed them, what happens if they cry, and how you can get rid of all that extra weight you put on during the pregnancy phase as you are still having to move around in plus size maternity outfits.

If you had weighed a normal amount before you got pregnant and gained around 35 pounds or so, it won’t take more than a couple of months to lose all of it. However, if you intend to lose weight post-delivery, here are a few tips -

  1. Pick foods from different groups -

Most nutritional adequacy is generally achieved after adding foods from the five main groups - grains, vegetables, protein, fruits and dairy. A healthy mix of foods from these categories can aid in weight loss and overall nourishment.

  1. Mix up the nutrients -

Most food items have a similar calorific value but come with different nutrients. Only focusing on one group means you could miss out on the other nutrients from other food groups. Don’t worry about the calories alone and choose healthier foods instead.

  1. Healthy snacks -

Spreading energy intake into smaller meals in a day can have a better effect on health. You could consider having healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, yogurt, hummus or even protein bars. Pick a healthy item and snack on as you shop for new mom essentials online.

  1. Check the sizes of portions -

You need to regulate the sizes of portions you’re having. This can be done with maintaining a food journal and tracking them. It can help you understand the food intake in a day.

  1. Manage your cravings -

Every time you crave food that’s high in calories, such as ice cream or even chocolates, you could opt for healthier alternatives. You can have dark chocolate with lesser sugar quantity than the standard milk chocolate and pick fruits which are naturally sweeter such as sweet potato or banana, which can be healthier alternatives.

  1. Practice mindful eating -

This is defined mainly as the art of presence while eating. It makes individuals focus all their senses on food and chew the food well and this can cut down the calorie intake and help in weight loss. Even when you are rushing to office in your professional maternity clothes, take some time out.

  1. Don’t skip meals -

Following a fad diet or skipping meals mustn’t be a way for proper weight loss. It can cause many changes in the body and the way it processes your calories. It can then slow down the overall weight loss process. It’s even more important to follow this if you’re a breastfeeding mother.

With these methods, it can become slightly easier to lose weight post-delivery. Just be mindful and gradually ease into the process of dieting because it can take a toll otherwise.

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