The Ideal Diet Chart for a New Mom

Having just delivered a baby, it can be relieving, but also tiring considering the amount of energy you need. You have to get back to your ways of eating healthier, keeping in mind the baby’s needs and yours too, in fact, you need to follow a new mom essentials checklist.

Here’s an ideal diet chart for a new mom to follow and feel healthy. While it’s up to you when you’d like to consume them, it’s better if you include these foods in your diet -

  1. Salmon -

There’s no such thing as “perfect” food. Salmon, however, comes pretty close when it comes to providing powerful nutrition for new moms. Just like other fatty fish, it is loaded with DHA - a type of fat that’s crucial for the development of the nervous system of the baby.

Breast milk contains DHA in itself, but the levels are much higher in women who can get it supplemented from other parts of their diets.

  1. Dairy products -

Whether it’s milk, cheese, yoghurt or ghee, dairy products play a major role in helping you breastfeed. It delivers the all-important Vitamin D, which strengthens bones in addition to providing B vitamins and protein, it also provides calcium.

Milk with calcium can help the baby’s bones and body become stronger and helps your body get back to its shape post-pregnancy.

  1. Legumes -

Beans which are rich in iron, particularly darker ones such as kidney and black beans, are a great source of energy and nutrition for breastfeeding, especially if you’re vegetarian. They are a budget-friendly source of protein that’s most importantly, high quality. You might want to continue to have them even after switching to using feeding bottle for babies.

  1. Blueberries -

Fresh fruit juice is an excellent way to keep breastfeeding moms healthy and at least two servings a day can make a big difference. They can meet your necessary nutritional needs and are an excellent source of energy.

These yummy and satisfying fruits are also filled with adequate minerals and vitamins, for that healthy dose of carbs that keep energy levels high throughout.

  1. Brown rice -

It can be super tempting to cut on the carbs and lose all that baby weight, but you have to do it gradually because doing so immediately can have you feeling sluggish and tired. Whole-grain carbs such as brown rice are healthy and can keep your energy levels at an optimal high.

They also provide the necessary calories to aid in producing high-quality milk for the baby.

Make sure you get at least one of these foods once in a while during lunch and you will feel the difference as you deal with the post-pregnancy phase. It is always ideal to consult a certified nutritionist or dietician before you indulge in a fixed diet.