How To Get The Most Out of The Best Washcloths For Babies?

Baby wipes and baby washcloths are some of the most common items any new mother should have. It can be used to clean up after a baby and also ensure that their delicate skin isn’t affected.

The soft nature of the cloth is an excellent way to ensure that the baby is comfortable during changing and bathing time. Here are five other uses of the best washcloths for babies you may not be aware of-

  1. Preventing nappy rash -

People use baby wipes while changing but there are multiple other things in which they can be used. Washcloths are great for cleaning a baby’s bottom as they’re soft in nature. This can also help in preventing nappy rash and ensuring you clean their bottoms without hurting them in any way.

You can warm it in water and also use a little baby soap if you want. A good washcloth gives the baby an excellent experience as compared to a wet wipe that’s layered with chemicals. As far as diapers are concerned you might want to consider using reusable cloth diaper.

  1. Using it for the baby’s gums -

A good washcloth can also ensure that your baby’s gums get the right sort of cleaning. While a lot of us use toothbrushes to clean them, you can actually double up with a washcloth to complete the job.

A good organic baby washcloth can be used to rub around the mouth and the gums. It can clean their mouths perfectly without causing them any harm. Using organic baby products is a good idea, as these products are safer.

  1. Teething babies -

Babies that are teething and drooling aren’t exactly comfortable. They always want to chew on something to relieve their gums which are sore. There are many items which we tend to give them to chew and these can be plastic or silicone and ultimately, they just end up drooling even more.

You can instead try freezing a washcloth for a few minutes and make it cold before giving it to your baby. They can chew and suck on the cold cloth and relieve their gums in that process, so they don’t get hurt too.

  1. Using them as sanitary liners or nappies -

Washcloths are environment-friendly and can be reused as nappy liners. You can fold it in half and use it as a liner and it doubles up as being super absorbent and soft at the same time, thus helping eliminate any unnecessary waste in the process.

  1. Reusing them as breastfeeding pads -

Many mothers use disposable breast pads inside the bra to help breastfeed their children. They do work but can also come across as being a little on the expensive side. They’re also not sustainable as they’ve to be thrown away after being used.

On the other hand, a good baby washcloth can be folded and tucked into the bra. This doesn’t irritate the skin while also ensuring that they can be swapped for a fresher one when needed. Also, while feeding do not forget to use a baby breastfeeding pillow.

With these techniques, you can see how the washcloth has multiple uses. Keep a set at home and make your baby-raising process much simpler!