Why Should You Use Baby Breastfeeding Pillows For Your Little One?

Putting a baby to sleep in the first few months of their birth is a soothing and necessary activity. They need to sleep well or they could end up getting cranky, unwell or upset for many hours. One of the most trusted ways to do this effectively has definitely been breastfeeding, as it helps them feel more comfortable, and allows you to feed them and put them to sleep better.

Here are why you should consider using breastfeeding pillows for your little one so they are well-fed and well-rested:

  1. They save your back, shoulders and neck - Babies tend to feed tremendously during the first few months, sometimes even going up to 10 times in a single day. Their feeds can also extend to an hour each, and it’s important that you nurse them well so they’re comfortable.

And you too! The last thing you’d like as a mom is to have to visit the chiropractor because of a damaged neck during feeding. You already have enough to worry as it is! A good pillow can ensure that your baby is at the correct height for your breast. Ultimately, a breastfeeding nursing pillow ensures your shoulders don’t have to take up so much stress and can relax a bit.

  1. They’re perfect for moms who bottle-feed too - There’s a common myth that only breastfeeding moms require the pillow, but this isn’t the case. Even bottle-feeding nursing can apply a lot of pressure on the shoulders and back, so a good breastfeeding pillow is an excellent way to ensure good posture and the best way to bottle feed a baby.

  2. Best for C-section - Nursing pillows can be your best friend as it acts as a buffer between your abdomen and your baby.

  3. Encourages latching - Nursing pillows can also help babies adjust themselves to the right height so you can feed them better, with them latching on faster and more effectively.

  4. They have other uses - Nursing pillows can also double-up during tummy time (of course, under supervision and can also help in propping up the baby as they get older!

What to look for in a nursing pillow?

There are a few salient features that must stand out in your search for a good nursing pillow-

  • It must be firm, but not too much. You need it to correctly “mould” itself to your body shape, just like a regular pillow with your head. It also needs to be firm so that it can take the weight of the baby properly

  • Make sure these pillows are made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials.

With these factors in mind, you can get yourself a fresh baby breastfeeding pillow and make nursing time absolute fun!

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