Benefits Of A Winter Massage For New Borns

The winters can be harsh in some parts of the world and if you’re a first-time mother, you should know the benefits of massaging your baby during this time, also do not forget to get the best baby blankets for winter. It can be highly beneficial to help them feel comfortable while keeping them warm and away from any harm to their delicate skin.

Here are some of the benefits your baby can enjoy from a good, thorough massage during those cold winter days and nights -

  • Builds immunity

  • Improves their digestion

  • Keeps them warm

  • Relaxes and helps them sleep better

  • Strengthens muscles and bones

  • Facilitates in healthier weight gain

It’s important that you choose a good natural, high-quality massage oil that can easily be absorbed by the baby’s skin. Massage oils have other roles than just producing heat for the massage. They can also provide the required nutrients as well as moisture and also help the baby feel comfortable. This means you can enjoy some real quality one-on-one time to bond with your little bundle of joy.

How to massage?

Winter massaging is important because the skin can also get chapped and dry because of the constant change between the weather indoors and outdoors, while indoors use fur blankets for babies. With the latter colder and the indoors heated, a nice massage oil can restore the lost moisture properly and help them maintain their body temperature and also replenish their skin from inside.

Here are a few tips and factors that you can consider when you’re planning to go forth and consider massaging your little one during the winters -

  1. When you’re undressing the baby to massage, you need to ensure the room is also cozy and warm for their comfort

  2. Warm your hands first by rubbing the palms together so they baby doesn’t get startled by cold hands

  3. You could also warm the oil a little but not too much. It shouldn’t be hot but at a temperature that is comfortable for a nice body massage. You can test the temperature by touching the oil with the inside of your wrist or your elbow as they give you the best indicator

  4. Make sure the oil is used on a skin patch and the baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction

  5. Use gentle yet firm strokes when you’re massaging. It’s a bonding exercise and your strokes can be loving so the baby also enjoys the experience at the same time.

  6. Ensure you don’t massage on those areas that have rashes or other forms of breakouts

  7. After the body, you can also massage their head with a nice brand of baby hair oil

The right oil and the right technique is all that you need for your baby. They’ll feel pampered and smiles are imminent for sure :)

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