How To Choose The Best Baby Blankets For Winter?

Winter is coming and it’s important that you keep the little one warm and cozy at all times. There is a probability of them catching an infection as the weather and the overall environment changes.

It’s important that the material of the blanket is gentle on sensitive skin and you need to find one that is breathable. If the baby can feel the breeze through the blanket, then it can be classified as such. Cotton, for example, is a material that’s breathable. Try to get cotton blankets and avoid any synthetic material, you can also try out cute fur blankets for babies.

You also need to ensure the blanket you purchase is appropriate for the season and you’ll need a heavier blanket for the winter and a lighter one for summer.

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind when you’re opting for a blanket for the little one -

  1. Safety -

Safety is always a must when it comes to choosing a baby blanket and make this your number one priority. It’s important that you completely avoid blankets which come with loose fringes, tassels or ribbons because there are high chances that the baby may get tangled in them, especially if they’re really young.

A good blanket generally has layers but all of the layers are made of materials which are breathable and lightweight. Organic cotton muslin for example, is a great option and is free from any fringes or tassels. They are also washable by machine and come pre-washed, which means they’re perfect for snuggling.

  1. Size -

The size of the baby blanket is important and must be considered. You’d need one that is big enough so the baby feels warm but not something that’s so big that they get overwhelmed by the size. A standard size of blanket is 45” by 45”, up to 60”. Such blankets offer versatility and can be used as a floor mat, bedding can even be hung to decorate the nursery.

  1. Think of alternatives -

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a blanket for the baby to be comfortable! A nice, snug sleeping bag can do the trick and is an excellent option for very young babies and infants up to 12 months. Sleeping bags also eliminate any worry about loose blankets, which can lead to SIDS and secure the baby in its given position with the help of its Velcro harness.

Whatever you opt for, keep the baby’s comfort in mind. Keep washing the blankets regularly to ensure they’re free of germs and you’re good to go!