Your Guide to the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers have become a recent phenomenon all over the world. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been raising the bar and setting new standards when it comes to throwing baby showers. Interestingly, the origin of baby showers can be traced back to the Egyptian and Greek civilizations and ever since, it has paved its way into the modern world.

Planning to host a baby shower for the mother-to-be?

These days planning a baby shower is equivalent to planning a wedding. There’s very little time and lots to tick off on your bucket list including making a list of essential gift items like baby carry nest sleeping bag, so let’s get started.

Should you throw a surprise baby shower?

Pregnancy is a bumpy period for many women, so a surprise baby shower can be a little inconvenient for the mum-to-be. It would be nice to take some suggestions from her whilst planning, and also try to find out which items she would need such as a baby feeding cushion.

  • Decide on a date - First and foremost, decide a suitable day for the baby shower. Give yourself an ample amount of time to prep for it.

  • Come up with the guest list - Baby shower is an intimate affair so make sure to include all her close family members and friends in the guest list.

  • Choose a theme for the shower - A theme will help you tie all of the loose ends. It will give you a central idea based on which you can arrange for the décor of the venue and design the invitation cards. Also, the games and events can be centered around the theme.

  • Fix a budget - The budget should be able to cover the food, venue, decorations, potential games, and events. You can also have a low budget baby shower with a smaller guest list and cut down on a few luxuries.

  • Select a venueYour living room or backyard can be an ideal venue for the party but a long guest list calls for a larger venue. In that case, you can book a hotel or a resort.

  • Plan a menu - The heart of every party is the food, depending on the budget, you can choose to hire a caterer or whip up the dishes yourself. Make sure to include the mum-to-be's favorite dishes on the menu.

  • Get creative with the invitation cards - Send them out at least 4 weeks before the party so that the guests have ample time to reserve the date, shop for gifts like baby muslin swaddle blankets, and RSVP. Let them know that they can RSVP via text or email.

Last but not the least, the guests will be bringing in gifts, so it is a nice gesture to hand out a few goodies to the guests as a token of your love.

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