What to Look for When Buying a Burp Cloth?

Once your baby is on board, there’s one accessory a parent cannot do without. You’ll either have it draped over your shoulder or over your baby 24/7.

Well, you know what we’re talking about. The ‘Burp Cloths’.

All babies drool, burp, vomit, and spit up more often than you can imagine. Even though we’d take a bullet to see that gorgeous drooly smile, these drools can damp your baby’s clothes and cause redness and rashes all over their skin. Here’s where burp cloths come into play.

In India, many people use normal waste clothes to wipe off these drools but a baby’s skin is way more fragile, sensitive, and delicate than an adult’s skin. So, using any random cloth can end up damaging your baby’s supple skin. Burp cloths are soft fabrics that are specially designed for this purpose and complement the suppleness of your baby’s skin.

Make sure to look for these attributes when you’re buying one:
  • Burp cloths need to be sufficiently large enough to cover up your baby and absorb a good amount of dampness, without compromising on your baby’s comfort level.

  • It is advisable to buy muslin burp cloths as they’re known to be exceptionally gentle on your baby’s skin. At Kicks & Crawl, we’ve got a wide range of double-layered muslin fabricated burp cloths that are extremely absorbent and can retain its softness and absorbency after every wash.

  • Make sure you buy multifunction burp cloths that easily turn into bibs too. A dash of innovation has helped to turn baby burp cloths into makeshift bibs. Most of them come with attachable snap buttons that can be fastened behind the baby’s neck.

‘More uses = More fun!’

  • Burp cloths come in a variety of shapes and colors. Even though it’s just a burp cloth, it doesn’t necessarily need to be plain-looking and boring. A drizzle of some pretty colors and patterns can always add some fun to your baby’s OOTDs.

Kicks & Crawl offers one of the best collections of burp cloths that are specially created to ensure the utmost comfort for your little munchkins. Besides being comfy and gentle, we’ve sprinkled in a few attractive colors and patterns to make these burp cloths a little more riveting. This will definitely add some feathers to the cap while matching your baby’s sass-levels and charm. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your adorable burp fabrics today.