What Causes Diaper Rash and How to Take Care of It?

Diaper rash is a patchwork of bright-red inflammations that are commonly seen on a baby’s bottoms. Most parents get alarmed when they see such inflammations on their babies. However, let us tell you that there’s absolutely no reason to panic. Just a few easy-peasy steps are all you’ll need to follow to clear up these rashes and prevent any future occurrences.

Before that, let’s get to know what exactly causes these rashes?

We all know that a baby’s skin is 10x times more sensitive when compared to an adult’s skin. So persistent exposure to stool and urine can quickly lead to the development of inflammation and redness. Even tight-fitting diapers can block sufficient airflow in your baby’s private parts and cause rashes.

Your baby’s buttocks are a soft and moist area, so any redness or inflammations can get secondarily infected by the pre-existing bacteria or yeast present on the skin layer.

Products like detergents and fabric softeners used to wash baby diapers, or even poor quality baby wipes can cause allergic rashes. Always use only best cloth diapers for your baby.

Well, How do we take care of it?

  • Firstly, ensure to change your baby’s diapers frequently and make it a point to rinse your baby’s buttocks with warm water during each diaper changing session. You can also apply an ointment to the affected areas after washing.

  • Remember to use a soft and smooth towel to gently pat dry the bottoms so that the inflamed skin isn’t further irritated by rubbing.

  • It is advisable to use cloth diapers over synthetic diapers as natural fabrics are more gentle on your little one’s skin. Besides, avoid tight-fitting diapers as they block sufficient airflow in your baby’s private areas.

  • You can slide a cloth diaper insert into your baby’s nappies. These inserts are super-absorbent and can keep your baby’s bottoms dry for a long time, making it incredibly comfy for your baby to roam around in nappies.

    Kicks & Crawl has specially designed a charcoal bamboo variant of these cloth diaper inserts that not only has maximum absorbency and soft cushioning but also the charcoal lining caters to its exceptional anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, keeping your baby’s bottoms fresh and smell-free.

  • Also, don’t forget to set your munchkin’s bottoms free once in a while, by giving their skin a break from diapers. This will let them get some fresh air. To prevent any chaotic mess, lay your baby on a water-proof bedsheet, and engage in some jovial playtime while he or she is bare-bottomed.

Last but not the least, sanitize your hands thoroughly after every nappy changing session, you wouldn’t wanna spread the bacteria and fungi to other parts of your baby’s body or even onto other family members.