5 Ways to Keep the Baby Warm & Safe During Winters

Winters can be really stressful for first time parents. New moms and dads are usually confused when it comes to deciding between just enough warmth and too much warmth due to which at times babies get fussy and irritated or cold and quiet. It is the time to keep your baby snug and cozy with multiple layers and warm food. 

While we already know that keeping the baby warm enough is the only way to overcome the winters, it is still a question when it comes to choosing the appropriate winter clothes for your little ones. Understand that if they are too warm they tend to sweat which when cools down causes cold and you do not want that happening with your precious little one. 

In this blog we will talk about the winter collection available on Kicks and Crawl website that comprises everything you need to keep your baby cozy and healthy.

  • Layers are the best

Dress your baby the way you dress yourself, just add a layer on the top. While dressing them make sure the first layer is snug just like a bodysuit or leggings followed by other layers on the top. Finally you can finish up with a pair of baby mittens or booties, a jacket and a woollen cap to keep their ears, hands and feet warm.

  • Avoid over dressing

Layering is a good idea but avoid doing it indoors. Wearing too many clothes even during winters can make your baby a bit sweaty or hot on the inside which when cools down can feel too chilly for them which can make them sick. Hence, remember to leave that jacket in the car while heading inside and resort to baby blankets that you can remove as and when required.

  • Stay alert

Keep a check on your baby constantly when you step out. Look out for the signs of redness or discomfort, maybe he’s feeling hot. If your baby is constantly crying or fussy and his skin feels cold against yours, he is probably not well. Immediately take him indoors, warm and safe.

  • Keep your baby close

The best way to ensure that your baby is warm enough and not overheated is to simply carry him and regulate his body temperature with yours. This way he will not only feel safe and happy but warm too. A pair of baby mittens, socks or booties would work just fine when you are carrying him. You can check out a wide range of socks, mittens and booties on our website. 

  • Stroller cover

When you are taking your baby out on a walk, make sure you cover the stroller properly. Covering it too much can cause suffocation and covering it too little can make them feel cold. A couple of soft baby blankets would not only keep them warm but cozy at the same time.  Keep a check on your baby’s skin and behaviour to ensure that he is fine. 

Apart from these tips, always remember to keep the indoor temperatures right and keep their skin well-moisturised and dry all the time. With winter around the corner, Kicks and Crawl is offering 25% off on selected products like baby apparels, swaddles and upto 35% off on organic clothing. So, if you are looking for cute blankets, booties or mittens for your baby, it's the right time to avail the offer.