Treat Your Toddler’s Insomnia with Stories, Swaddles & Trivia!

Does your kid stay awake all night? We understand your concern when your child doesn’t get enough sleep at night. We got you covered! In this blog, we provide you with solutions for the most common concerns that a parent shares about their toddler not sleeping at night.  

Insomnia is the inability to sleep resulting in a not well-rested feeling. Unfortunately not getting appropriate sleep can affect your child’s behavior or mood and can also lead to discipline issues.

  • Causes of Insomnia 

Insomnia is a common phenomenon suffered by both adults and childrens. This problem in childrens might occur when they have a trouble going to sleep, staying asleep or not well rested feeling

  • Following are some of the symptoms of insomnia:

-Decreased attention span 


-Bad mood or temperament


-Memory Problem 

  • How to cope with insomnia in children?

            Treat your toddler’s insomnia, with stories, swaddles & trivia! 

            While devising a good routine for your toddler you have to ensure a restful night as well! 

  • Follow a pre-bedtime ritual for your newborn or toddler 

A pre-bedtime ritual is to develop an association of rest time in the minds of your toddler or newborns. Encourage your toddler to sleep with a bedtime story. Ensure that you have sleep swaddles for babies that extend comfort

Majority of the kids usually sleep best in a slightly cool room. Try to reduce any external noise that comes in. Cuddle the baby with a blanket to sleep or arrange for a perfect bedding set  to create a comfortable environment

  • Ensure that your baby doesn’t go to the bed too hungry or too full 

Be assured that your child is fed well before sleep. Incase of a newborn, make sure you provide your baby with the comfort of a cozy swaddle cloth for newborn while breastfeeding your child

  • Encourage active lifestyle 

An active lifestyle prevents restlessness or sleepless nights. Follow an exercise routine or involve your child in a vigorous activity before bedtime

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