Tips & Tricks to Keep Newborn Socks from Falling off

Are you one of those parents who find it quite tiring to make your baby wear the socks over and over again? Babies are no doubt cute and adorable little beings but they usually get a bit fidgety and tend to move their hands and feet a lot. Sometimes they move and kick their feet a lot due to which they shake their booties or socks away making them prone to cold weather. 

While tight elastic socks and booties can keep them under control, it can also cause rashes and pain on their sensitive skin. Hence, it’s always important to choose a perfect pair of newborn socks that not only keeps the baby warm but at the same time comfortable too. 

When it comes to buying baby mittens and socks, there are certain things to look out for to ensure baby’s comfortability, safety and warmth. 

  • Get perfect sized socks

Buying newborn socks can be a tad bit complicated because they all look tiny and of the same size but the size really matters when it comes to a baby. Too loose, the socks might come off easily and too tight, it can make the baby irritated and fussy which means excessive crying and screaming or even worse, a cold and uncomfortable baby.

  • Pick the best quality socks

As adults we have different qualities of socks made of different materials and the same goes for babies. Newborn socks need to be carefully designed and made using the right material that makes the baby feel comfortable and cosy. The best quality baby mittens and socks are designed to stay on the baby's tootsies for a longer period of time without irritating the baby.

  • Tips and tricks for parents to keep socks from coming off

  • Pull the pants over

When you allow the legs to slide over the socks’ cuffs the chances of them coming off is less. This trick allows your baby to kick their legs and move around without kicking the socks off. 

  • Overalls or footed pants

This is the best alternative to socks. Footies or footed pants is basically a single piece of clothing that covers everything from the toes to the waist which again keeps the socks from falling off.

  • Booties or shoes

The booties worn over the socks can definitely be one of the most preferred ways of not only refraining the socks from falling off but also keeping the baby’s feet warm and cosy.


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