The Right Way to Clean Your Baby Sheets and Blankets

Having a baby means constantly having to keep up with them - from feeding, playing, cleaning to anything and everything that survival encapsulates. The cleaning part requires you to constantly pay attention because your baby’s beds and blankets need to be spotless so they don’t catch an infection.

Buying good quality beds and blankets is one thing, but keeping them clean requires work. Here’s a quick guide on the right way to do so -

  1. Wash first -

Wash the bedding or double sided blanket with unscented detergent every week in hot water to keep away dust mites. Most washing pods are perfumed and it’s recommended to use unscented ones because it can otherwise irritate the baby’s skin.

You could use a mattress cover as well, to keep the mattress clean and protect the baby from dust mites.

  1. Vacuum -

Proceed to vacuum the mattress thoroughly. It can remove the dust and dirt from the mattress itself before scrubbing as these things can trigger allergies for the baby. Make sure both sides of the mattress are vacuumed too.

  1. Remove stains -

Now that the dust is away, mix water and lemon juice in a spray bottle to remove stains of any kind. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and give it a good 20 minutes to remove foul odour before vacuuming. While you are at it, also remember to clean the baby feeding pillow.

  1. Scrubbing -

Mix a gallon of water and a quarter cup of any hypoallergenic laundry detergent. You can then scrub the mattress surface gently with a scrubbing brush. Using a waterproof bed sheet protector for baby is a good idea to keep the mattress clean.

  1. Rinse -

Refill a bucket with warm water and also use a damp cloth to clean the mattress. Don’t pour the detergent or water directly onto the mattress.

  1. Disinfect -

If some juice or body fluid has soiled the bed, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Completely disinfect the surface in order to protect the little one from any form of infection. You can use a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol which evaporates after use.

  1. Dry -

Make sure you dry the material thoroughly and use a dry towel that absorbs as much water as possible, to make the process faster. If the weather’s good, you can set the mattress in a room with the windows open to get in the fresh air.

You could also place the mattress in an airy and light space that can make sure it’s dried out naturally for many hours together.

Also, babies wet their sheets often, and it can be a hassle to change it time and again. A urine soaked mattress can cause a lot of discomfort to the baby. So, remember to invest in a good quality waterproof bed sheet to keep your baby’s mattress dry and comfy throughout the day.

With these techniques, you can clean the baby sheets and blankets and ensure they have a cozy and more importantly, safe sleep.