The Best Winter Foods to Keep Your Baby Warm

The cold months are almost here, and it’s time to get something warm into the system. Just like us, babies too have the same needs that are more sensitive. As their bodies acclimatize to the cold weather, their diet too needs to include warm foods to keep them happy and content. So, along with looking for fur blankets for babies, you do need to focus on their diet.

Your baby’s diet during winter needs to include food that’s rich in nutrients so their immune systems can develop. Here are a few recipes that make for great winter food -

  1. Spiced milk and nuts -

Including dry fruits in the baby’s diet is an excellent way to ensure they enjoy the goodness of nutrients in their system. Spices and nuts in the recipe will give your little one the warmth they need to build immunity.

Nuts can help toddlers gain strength apart from just bettering their immunity. The aromatic flavor that comes with it is tempting and the best thing is that the nut powder can be stored and added to the milk and warmed up quickly in the microwave. You can feed them in a bottle to make the entire process just a little easier.

  1. Eggs -

Eggs are another versatile and healthy food for the baby and you can make them easily and serve warm. You can try making scrambled eggs that’s easier for the baby to ingest when you’re feeding.

Eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals and they help in the overall development and growth of the child. Cheese is another source of good protein and contains vitamins A and D, magnesium and calcium.

  1. Carrots -

Carrots are vegetables which can actually contribute a lot! They’re rich in beta-carotene and they help maintain strong eyesight during winters, in addition to boosting White Blood Cells (WBCs). These WBCs can also improve the immune system and protect the body against any type of viral infections.

You can try making carrot halwa using desi ghee, which is a great option. Hot carrot soup also keeps their bodies warm.

  1. Dates -

There are plenty of benefits that come with feeding children dates. They are sweet, yummy and full of energy, but most importantly, they contain minerals and vitamins such as iron, potassium and calcium.

During winters, dates can help keep the body warm, and you should also get caps mittens and booties to protect them from cold. You can serve babies dates in the form of smoothies, or even add them to ladoos or drizzle date syrup.

These are four superfoods which are sure to help your baby stay warm. Make sure you have a good burp cloth post feeding, because that’s an indicator that they’re content inside.