Swaddle Blankets for Summer: Lightweight Options for Your Baby

The technique of Swaddling has been used by mothers globally and for generations to make sure that their newborns are sleeping peacefully and safely. The process of swaddling involves wrapping the baby in a swaddle blanket to soothe and calm the baby.  Even though swaddling is highly recommended by most medical experts, it is crucial to learn the actual long-term benefits of Swaddling your baby.

 Gives the feeling of being in the womb

Babies tend to sleep better while feeling warm and cozy when they are swaddled in a swaddle blanket made with organic cotton. This feeling of being covered in a cozy environment is similar to that of being in the womb  which aids in better sleep.

 Swaddling helps the baby sleep better

Babies not just sleep for longer periods but also tend to have a more sound and cozy sleep when their hand movements are restricted and when they are in a snug position wrapped in a Swaddle. Babies tend to be woken up by their own reflex movements, and a snug wrapped-up sleep in a swaddle blanket avoids that and helps them sleep better.

 Swaddling helps the baby maintain a proper posture

Babies need to be kept straight while sleeping and avoid turning to their side. Swaddling plays a crucial role in this; especially during the first 6-8 weeks of a baby’s life,  as it helps the baby maintain their posture.

 Prevents babies from scratching their face

Babies tend to scratch their faces and noses as soon as they start developing motor skills. When the baby’s hands are cozily tucked away in the swaddle, the baby can not scratch itself and sleep peacefully.

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