Pregnancy Cravings - How to Deal With Them?

Pregnancy cravings. One moment you’re watching TV, chilling and suddenly you want to gorge on an entire chocolate cake! If you’re pregnant, you need to understand that cravings are a natural part of the process.

You might not want them but it’s an occurrence that has stumped scientists too. While the exact reason for cravings is not known, there are theories that it could be related to the changing hormonal levels.

What are your cravings for?

Wanting to have certain foods is not an unusual occurrence and here are some common cravings you might have -

  1. Spicy foods

  2. Milk

  3. Ice cream

  4. Starchy foods like potato chips, pizza, pasta

  5. Chocolate

  6. Pickles

  7. Fruit and veggies

  8. Cereal

How to deal with these cravings?

Here are a few ways you can deal with your hunger cravings during pregnancy -

  1. Eating regular snacks and meals -

You might want to indulge in certain foods because your body needs its energy. Eating through the day can prevent you from getting hungry and can prevent you from overeating unhealthy food.

Keep a basket of healthy fruits or snacks near you at all times of the day. Every time you feel hungry, turn towards the basket and gobble something so the feeling doesn’t manifest itself and you’ll be good. Just snack on healthy items as you shop for professional maternity clothes online.

  1. Choose foods high in fibre -

Eating foods that are high in fibre, including vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread and certain legumes can keep you fuller for much longer. These foods don’t give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals, but can also help you sustain the necessary energy levels you need.

  1. Drink a lot of water -

While this can be generic, it can be hugely effective. Feeling hungry can also be related to your body needing water. Staying hydrated is important, especially during pregnancy because it can keep you away from binging on unhealthy food.

Drinking it throughout the day can help in reducing fatigue too. You could opt for some fruit-infused water, which is another excellent way to increase fluid intake. Make sure you limit it before going to bed, though! You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to go pee often.

  1. Getting sleep -

Sleeping well during your pregnancy can be hard as you’ve to adjust to certain changes in your body. With good sleep, you can regulate the hormones in the body. Broken sleep can lead to an increase in ghrelin, which is a hormone that can trigger your appetite.

A lack of sleep can increase the levels of leptin in the body, and this can help in regulating energy levels.

With this information in mind, you can put those cravings away and enjoy a guilt-free and happy pregnancy, in your adorable plus size maternity clothes! There’s nothing wrong in wanting to snack, but identifying when it isn’t healthy for you can help in the process.

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