Pink is Not Just for Girls Anymore

Pink is one of the many gorgeous colors present in any color palate. When we think of the color pink, more or less we imagine little baby girls dressed up in pink fluffy dresses. The color is often linked to femininity, and while buying a newborn baby swaddle, for a baby girl you choose pink . We live in a world where we are naturally inclined to associate pink with girls and blue with boys. Surprisingly, assigning gender-related notions to colors is quite a recent phenomenon.

If we go back to the older times, both pink and blue were colors worn by all kids equally irrespective of their gender. Well then, how did these stereotypes arise?

It is believed to be a marketing tactic used by manufacturers in the 20th century to increase their sales. They started color-coding infant clothes and branded pink for girls and blue for boys. Hands down, this idea worked tremendously well for them, but over time it led to the development of some serious stereotypes regarding colors and gender. People have come to identify pink with girls and blue with boys even while buying baby sheets and blankets and these ideas have effectively penetrated into the present age.

We see parents buying an exclusive range of pink for their girls and blue for their boys. Young boys are quite reluctant to accept pink clothes or toys and these habits stay with them even as they age. The main problem with these gender notions is that we limit the choices of our kids. These little notions grow up to form strong prejudices in society. Girls eventually start to believe that they should stick to cooking, clothing, baking, and other feminine activities whereas boys may feel the pressure to be ‘masculine’, ultimately letting go of career choices and interests just because it isn’t a customary choice for a man.

Young kids have a very impressionable mind and as parents, it becomes our responsibility to free them from any gender-specific notions and create a liberal environment for their growth.

With increasing awareness among people and the right education, people are now moving towards a gender-neutral society. Pink is not just for girls, it is for everybody, just like the other colors in the palate. Every color is unique and so is every child, therefore, as parents of the 21st century, let’s be a part of creating a free environment where each child can embrace their uniqueness.

Because truly, a cute little pastel pink tee on a small little boy, who wants to not see that happening!