Newborn Checklist: 6 Essential Items You Should Always Have With You

There’s a new person in the house and they depend entirely on you to survive their first few months in this world. When you put it like that, it can become suddenly daunting, but having a baby isn’t necessarily so hard.

It’s important that you give them the bare essentials and they’re pretty much sorted. You just need to ensure that the products you buy are adequate and allow them to feel comfortable as they get used to their new surroundings.

Here’s a list of six essential items you need to always have for a newborn -
  1. Clothes -

There’s no need to opt for a brand new wardrobe for your little one. Get a couple of side-tie or even side-snap T-shirts that you could dress the baby up in, till the umbilical cord separates. Post that, you can have a bunch of “essentials” including -

  • Bodysuits (4 to 6 pairs)
  • T-shirts (4 to 6)
  • One-pieces (4 to 6)
  • Pants (2 to 4 pairs)
  • Socks (around 6 pairs)

Once that baby is out, you’ll know soon enough that you can never have too much of anything including baby booties.

  1. Glider -

A comfortable chair for the baby is a must and a good glider can rock and swivel in such a way that it helps soothe the baby before naptime. It’s also important that you get the glider so you can reach out for items such as a burp cloth or a pacifier, without actually having to get up.

  1. Sleepers -

Around half a dozen sleepers that are stretchy are perfect to cover the baby right from neck to feet, with a snap in the leg area for when they need to change. These sleepers are perfect for not only a good night’s sleep but also double up as excellent clothes for travelling.

  1. Knit caps and sweaters -

If you live in a place with a cool climate, you can have a knit sweater with a cap for the baby to keep warm. Heat gets lost from the top of the baby’s head and these caps can help maintain the body temperature.

  1. Diapers -

Make sure you have around two packages of cloth or disposable diapers that are adequate for two days at all times. Since babies go through plenty of them a day, make sure you stock up well on them and ensure they’re the right size too.

  1. Baby bathtub -

An infant needs to be bathed daily and a small plastic baby bath or a large sink can make the job easier...and also fun. Make sure you hold onto the baby in the tub and work with formulated baby shampoo and wash, and do not forget the organic baby towels.

These essentials are good enough to ensure you’ve got everything the baby needs for the first few months. There are a ton of other things that you’ll need but this is a good list to get started.