Managing Baby Breastfeeding in Public: A Go-to Guide for New Moms!

One of the best parts about breastfeeding is that everything you need to feed your baby is always readily available. While breastfeeding is a natural process, feeling nervous about doing it in public can be quite taxing, especially if you’ve not done it before.

We’re here to tell you how you can trust the process and make it easier for yourself the next time you want to breastfeed in public -

  1. Practice is the best -

In case you’re feeling anxious about breastfeeding, you can practice in front of a mirror so you have an idea of what it looks like when you’re feeding. You can figure out a technique where you don’t expose as much as possible and have your baby’s head cover the breast.

It becomes easier to breastfeed in public if you’re able to do it in a supportive environment during the first few times. You can visit a baby group or a cafe and this can help you assimilate yourself before doing it in public, however, do not forget your baby breastfeeding pillow.

  1. Get the right dress -

When you need to decide what to wear while breastfeeding, a lot of options can pop up. In case you intend to continue doing it in public or don’t have much of a choice, the next best thing to do is to invest in a nice set of nursing wear to make it easier for you.

A good nursing top is easy to use and super convenient at the same time. You will be able to do it discreetly without having to remove your top. It’s also not necessary that you have to buy specific clothing just for breastfeeding. You can layer two normal tops and it’ll do the job. You can also wear tops that come with a zip or buttons.

  1. Breastfeeding covers -

Another important thing you can buy is a good breastfeeding cover. With plenty of options available, mums can use it for privacy when it comes to feeding babies in public, with plenty of styles to choose from. These specially designed apron-style tops can give you adequate cover and privacy so you can feed your baby when they’re in a carrier or a sling.

Nursing covers come in a variety of designs to make it easier for you to choose one based on your outfit. Once you do so, breastfeeding in public becomes a breeze.

Try these techniques, get the best feeding pillow, and make life easier for you!