Important Feeding Essentials for a Fuss-free Meal Time

The newborn is growing day by day as the time passes and soon it will be already months down the line and soon you will find the baby eating different kinds of solid and semi-solid food. Now that the actual, real kind of food has been introduced to the baby there is no going back. 

From preparing boiled vegetables and purees to getting all the necessary nutrients in their diet, it becomes a tad bit difficult to make them eat properly. Hence, you need to have all the necessary feeding essentials ready to ensure that you have a fuss free meal time like having some of the best, baby teether and feeder, organic cotton bibs etc.

In this blog we will talk about all the necessary feeding essentials that you need to have in store for your little one. Having just the bibs and chair is not enough. There are multiple other things that you might need to ensure the entire process is seamless for the feeder and the baby both. 

  • Best Food Nibbler for Babies

Apart from eating solid foods, now that babies have grown up enough to start crawling around, it is constantly making you worried about their safety. This is the time when the nibbler comes to the rescue. All you need to do is mash up their favourite nutritious fruit or vegetables and give them the nibbler which will not only keep them occupied but also ensures that they are having enough nutrients in their diet.

Kicks and Crawl offers some of the best food nibbler for babies in different colours to make this experience a memorable one each day, every day.

  • Organic Cotton Bibs and Burp Cloth

Carefully made with 100% pure organic cotton, the bibs and burp cloth ensures that your little one has a hassle-free meal time which keeps them clean. Being made of organic cotton, you can easily use it to wipe the extra food spilled on the skin without worrying about them getting rashes. 

Kicks and Crawl offers a wide range of bibs and burp cloth that are made of double layered cotton that is super absorbent and sits perfectly around their neck owing to its great design. 

  • Baby Teether and Feeder

Now that they are growing up so fast, they will soon start teething and will want to chew on anything and everything they find in front of them. To avoid them from putting random things into their mouth, you can put pieces of some fruit or vegetable in the feeder mesh so that they can chew on it and the mesh will strain all the large pieces that might otherwise choke them.

Kicks and Crawl has a wide range of different designs and colours in the above mentioned feeding essentials which can definitely make it easy for you to feed your little one without any extra trouble. Check out the website now and enjoy a fuss-free and enjoyable meal time with your little one.

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