Importance of Organic Clothing in Baby Safety

When you hear organic the only thing that comes to mind is the feeling of pure, fresh and soft fabric on the skin devoid of any chemicals. We at Kicks and Crawl, offer some of the best and finest organic baby products and clothes that would not only keep the baby safe but happy and comfortable at the same time. 

First of all congratulations on deciding to pick organic clothes for your baby. Whether for sustainable reasons or for the betterment of the baby, organic clothing has numerous benefits that will also keep the environment safe. However, there are instances where shopping for organic clothing could be confusing. How can you be sure whether the clothes are organic or not? 

Today, through this blog we will discuss some basic tips and tricks to figure out whether the clothing is organic or not.

  • Green does not mean organic

While shopping for baby apparels there are times when we come across clothing labels that say green or sustainable. Do understand that not all sustainable clothing or green labels mean organic. These labels are misleading and one should always look for GOTS labeling which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards which is an official certification for organic clothing.

  • Brand belief

Not just the label, but the brand also matters. In order to ensure that the brand offers organic clothing, it's better to engage in a bit of background research. Check the brand on various social media platforms, websites and also customer reviews to ensure the products offered are organic and reliable.

  • Product pricing

When it comes to organic clothing, know that the prices are always a bit on the higher side. If you ever come across a brand that offers organic baby apparels at similar rates as the regular clothes, then the labelling is too good to be true. 

Having said that, the best way to figure out if the clothing is organic is to look for authentic GOTS certification. Kicks and Crawl offers a wide range of trendy and affordable GOTS certified organic baby products like swaddles, crib sheets, blankets and more. Shop all the products here!