Hush Little Baby - The Best Pacifiers / Nibblers In Town

Putting your little one to sleep is quite the task but getting them to stay quiet is even harder at times. With their strong sucking reflex, babies tend to suck their fingers and thumbs even before they’re born.

It’s important that you get them a good nibbler because for babies, sucking has a soothing effect. There are plenty of pros that come with using pacifiers, including -

  • Temporary distractions - The nibbler is an excellent way to keep your baby distracted, especially during their vaccine shots, blood tests or other procedures, also while carrying them in baby carry nest sleeping bag.

  • Falling asleep - Good pacifiers can help your little one fall asleep with ease, and they look so cute when they’re doing it, wrapped up in super soft baby blankets!

  • Flight companion - Good nibblers can help your child “pop” their ears during flights. They can feel better as they suck on the nibbler.

  • Prevent SIDS - Sucking on a nibbler during naptime and bedtime can help reduce the overall risk of SIDS.

  • Disposable - Good pacifiers can last a year after purchase and these are an excellent purchase. They can also help your child get rid of their fingers or thumb sucking habit.

Pacifier care -

It’s important that you know how to take care of a good nibbler because it can go a long way in helping you with your parenting duties. Here are some quick tips so you can choose the right pacifier and also take care of it well -

  • Ensure the nibbler is a one-piece nibbler before purchasing

  • Purchase pacifiers which are sealed rather than ones which have open bases

  • Don’t hang a pacifier on the baby’s neck by a string as it could choke them

  • Don’t dip the pacifier in any sweet substances because it could be unhealthy for the baby. This includes honey, sugar or corn syrup

At Kicks & Crawl, we’ve got some of the best nibbler, with the cutest designs for your little one to feel better. With designs that include lovely, bright colours, and ones inspired by food and vegetables, it’s all you need for a quieter, better tomorrow!