How to Protect Your Newborn from Cold

Infants can be susceptible to sickness from illnesses during cold weather. Their immune systems aren’t developed to take care of these illnesses and it’s important that as parents, you take care of them effectively.

Here are a few ways to take care of your newborn from the cold -

  1. Dress them in layers - Get a few jackets and blankets for your baby. Dressing them up in layers allows you to adjust to whatever needs they may have. A bottom layer like a bodysuit or leggings, with a layer of pants and a long sleeve shirt, hat, socks, and mittens are a great way to keep them warm and comfy during the nights. You can keep taking them off as per the comfort of the child.

  1. Bundle them up outside - It’s best to avoid taking the child outside if the weather is freezing, but if needed, dress them up in a winter jacket and a hat that covers their ears. A pair of socks and a stroller blanket can also do the trick. Check for signs of discomfort such as if their face gets red, the skin is warm and if they’re overheated.

  1. Keep indoor temperatures cool- Too much indoor heat can be an issue as there might be low humidity and that lack of moisture can dry the baby’s skin. Keeping the indoor temperature anywhere between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius when they’re awake and between 18 to 20 degrees can benefit them and also prevent the occurrence of SIDS, which can be deadly. A sleep sack and a sleeper, along with a warm wearable blanket can do the trick.

  1. Keep an eye out for any warning signs - If your baby begins shivering, or their extremities begin feeling cold, then you need to bring them indoors right away. Their hands, feet, and face need to be warm and shouldn’t turn cold or red, or hard and pale. You mustn’t rub on their cold area in order to rewarm it again. Make sure you use warm washcloths in order to reheat the skin and only after that put on the dry and warm clothes.

If the situation doesn’t improve, you must call the doctor. There are other signs which also indicate if the infant has gotten too cold and requires medical attention and these include non-responsiveness, lethargy and blue lips.

You need to be extra careful when you’re looking to protect your newborn from the cold. Try to keep them indoors as much as you can and dress them in warm clothes so they remain comfy and happy and also stock up on baby blankets for winter.

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