How To Keep Your Baby's Feeding Bottle Set Clean?

One of the most important activities that you and your baby enjoy together is feeding time. From the time they transition to the bottle from breastfeeding, the experience is slow but ultimately rewarding as you learn the best way to bottle feed a baby.

However, one of the things that need to be taken care of, is the feeding bottle itself. There are so many microorganisms in the air which could stick to the bottle and prove harmful to the baby.

If you want them to enjoy a cleaner experience, here’s how you can keep the feeding bottle set clean -

  1. Boiling -

This is one of the most common ways to sterilize a bottle all across the world. Once you do it, you can store your breast milk and in some cases, even formula inside the best milk bottle for baby. Here’s a quick step-by-step process -

  • Wash the lids, bottles and nipples you’re going to sterilize with dishwashing soap and clean water.

  • Place them in a large saucepan with enough water and ensure there are no air bubbles before boiling. Keep it rapidly boiling for five minutes and allow the water to cool.

  • In case you’re feeding immediately, clean the kitchen surface and hands and then take out the bottle and shake the bottle to rid it off any dripping water.

  1. Microwave -

Microwaving the feeding bottle for babies carefully is another great way to rid it off any germs or microorganisms. Here’s how to do it -

  • Fill the bottle with water and in a separate glass bowl, submerge rings, nipples and other accessories. Place them in the microwave and keep it on a high setting for a minute and a half.

  • Let them cool before you take them out and use again.

  1. Steam steriliser -

Steam sterilisers are another popular product that’s sold separately to help sterilise the equipment. This is an ideal appliance for couples and parents living in urban apartments and don’t use gas stoves. Here’s how to go about it -

  • Clean the caps, bottles, teats etc with hot water and soap before sterilizing.

  • When you place them in the sterilizer, ensure the openings of the containers face downwards, allowing for maximum exposure of steam.

  • The manufacturer will have produced information regarding the total amount of water needed. You can follow the instructions and the machine turns off on its own post steaming.

With these three methods, feeding your baby becomes a whole lot easier and safer. Make sure you also have backup bottles just in case, and have a fun feeding time for months.