How To Keep Your Baby Covered During The Pandemic?

COVID cases are increasing day by day, with no signs of slowing down. We’ve been re-inventing our lives ever since COVID has made a cameo. Till the vaccines are out, there are a few safety tips we all must follow to keep the virus at bay. From sanitizing our hands, to wearing masks and social distancing, these have become a regular in our lives. But what about our babies? What are the safety tips we must follow for them?

We bet you’ve got a lot of doubts in your mind.

How to cover your babies or is it even advisable for them to wear masks?

After all, protecting your little munchkin is your top priority. So, let’s decode the hacks to safeguard your baby.

It is a customary tradition to introduce your newborn to your family and friends, however, it is the season of Corona so it’s best to put aside these traditions for a while and maintain social distancing. This is the only way to protect your baby from the virus. You can always make use of zoom calls or WhatsApp calls to connect to your loved ones. Also buy baby products online.

Now, many parents might have this question in their mind. Can their babies wear masks?

Kids under the age of 2 have small breathing air gaps, so wearing a mask is not advisable because they will be at risk of suffocating due to lack of air. Besides, they’ll keep touching their faces if they find it uncomfortable to wear a mask thereby increasing their chances of spreading the virus and catching the disease.

  • Whenever you go out with your baby, use swaddles to gently wrap them

  • Make use of a baby carrier and place a blanket over the carrier. Then gently wrap your baby in a swaddle, and place them on the blanket.

  • Remember to leave some space for air to pass and don’t wrap the baby with too many fabrics.

  • Babies cannot optimally regulate their body temperature so too many fabrics can cause overheating and lead to a heat-stroke. A single swaddle is all you’ll need.

Buy swaddles made of natural fabrics such as muslin, cotton, or bamboo. Natural fabrics are gentle on your baby’s skin and will maintain an optimum level of warmth and coziness to give your baby the utmost comfort when wrapped in it.

Also, don’t forget to sanitize your baby’s carrier or stroller once you get back home.

Lastly, we’d advise you to avoid going out unless it is necessary since prevention is always better than cure. So, stay at home and stay safe folks.