How to Choose the Right Pediatrician?

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions that parents have to make. There are so many factors that govern the choice and more often than not, the pediatrician you choose will have to attend to your child for the best part of a decade.

Here are a few things to consider when you have to choose the right pediatrician -

  1. Office location - Once you decide on the choice of the pediatrician, you need to consider the doctor’s location. Babies have to be seen often and it’s better if they live close by. Choose a doctor that’s close to your work, home or even daycare as this can save time and money.

    In case you don’t have your own vehicle, you can opt for a doctor whose office is accessible by public transportation and use a good carry nest for baby.

  1. Ob-Gyn Recommended - You don’t have to make the choice of a pediatrician randomly. You can also establish a trusting relationship with your Ob-Gyn, and they’ll recommend a good pediatrician for your baby. Don’t hesitate to also get recommendations from your family doctor or the primary care physician.

  1. Friends and family - You also need to see if the pediatrician is recommended by family and close friends. If they have a good relationship with the pediatrician, then it’s a green signal for you to make that choice. They could also help you pick the best online store for baby products.

  1. The doctor’s credentials - All pediatricians must graduate from medical school, complete the residency program and also receive licensing to practice. There are pediatricians who aren’t board certified because this is a voluntary practice which requires additional training.

The board certification is valuable because pediatricians can demonstrate their capabilities in -

  • Professionalism

  • Patient care

  • Communication skills

  • Medical knowledge.

    1. How does the practice operate?

    You need to consider how the office operates and whether it aligns with your own needs. You can ask questions such as -

    • Are there any last-minute or same-day appointments?

    • Are the hours of the office convenient?

    • Are there weekend or evening hours?

    • Will different doctors be seeing your baby or just the same pediatrician at all times?

      Once you consider these factors, it becomes easier for you to make the decision with regards to the pediatrician you should choose. It’s important that they are accessible, qualified and competent to work with children and you can forge a long relationship with your doctor and ensure they keep your child safe and happy through their childhood.