How to Choose The Best Milk Bottles for Your Baby?

While breastfeeding is generally seen as the best way to help nurture a child, there are moms who opt for the bottle too, for various reasons. From pumping breast milk to feeding your baby formula, bottles are a necessary product for moms to have along with a breastfeeding nursing pillow.

If you’re a mom who’s planning to shift to the bottle, you need to consider a number of factors.

Here’s how you can choose the right baby bottle -

  1. Plastic v Glass -

Most of the bottles are made from glass and they tend to work well as they are free from chemicals. They can be more expensive to manufacture. One way to keep them safe is to use silicon covers.

Plastic bottles on the other hand don’t break but tend to deteriorate and also need to be replaced often. You can look out for cracked ones or choose one that comes with the BPA-free label. While buying baby essentials always give preference to organic baby products.

  1. Necks -

The necks are also another important factor to consider. It’s always good to go with a brand that’s similar to your breast pump so the milk can be expressed directly into it. You can opt for those bottles that come with liners that are disposable. Here, the milk doesn’t touch the bottle and cleaning becomes a much simpler task.

You can try bottles that come with angled necks too as they can reduce the formation of gas. Bottles that also turn into sippers can also be a great choice for when your baby grows older.

  1. Nipples -

There are plenty of options that are available in the market but your choices can be limited as they tend to come as a package. In such cases, it’s better to opt for a combo of the same brand as this can limit any form of leakage.

Most naturally-shaped nipples tend to have a broader base and this is good when the baby makes the shift from breast to bottle as they mimic the shape better. Orthodontic nipples are also ideal for babies that are teething. They tend to be flat on one side and they can rest on the tongue of the baby.

  1. Silicone v Latex -

The first choice a lot of moms have to make is between silicon and latex. Most latex nipples tend to resemble a mom’s breast as they are more flexible and soft. Silicon nipples tend to last longer, aren’t as porous and are much easier to maintain as they’re resistant to heat and also go directly into the dishwasher.

With these factors, you should find your dilemma of getting the right milk bottle for your little one getting solved much easier! Keep all your baby products clean be it the feeding bottle or, baby breastfeeding pillow.